Monday, January 5, 2015


I have seen a lot of people that didnt involve in dnt but thier iman is pure enough to be seen like be in the dnt.
I have seen a lot of people that join the dnt but then they just like other people that didnt join dnt.

I hate the facts that those dnt people that always syok sendiri making up something .
Like really?

In the other case.
People tell me that theres a lot of programs being held but not for me.
They have done the selection of people to go for the programs.
What the heck.
Who are you to choose what people that should be involved?
And then put that blame on God seems like He the one that give the sign.
Kau bukan rasul beb nak kata sign sign ni
Kepala hotak kau.

Thats all from me :)
Till then.

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